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HC: Avairy by NESart13
HC: Avairy
Avairy Cord   
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'6". 125lbs
Trainer Orientation: Good
Hometown/Region: Driftveil City, Unova

Personality: Avairy is hotheaded, self-centered, crude, and arrogant. She's very in shape and fit. 
She has some trust issues when it comes to people. Sometimes she'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but
don't count on it. Straightforward and will tell you how it is, or should be. 

She's very impatient when it comes to others. If you aren't up to speed with things, she won't stick 
around to explain it to you, and does things the way she sees fit.

Backstory: Growing up in Driftveil, she's used to hard work, her family worked in the 
Cold Storage loading cargo onto ships. Avery used to repair engines on small docking ships, 
she's handy with a wrench and knows her way around ships better than their own captain. 
She worked for Clay, the Gym Leader, in the Underground Ruins 
trying to uncover something about the Legendary Golem Trio. She grew tired of the labor, 
and with no outcome of anything worthy she packed up her things and set out on a new journey. 


Rena | Shiny Toxicroak | Female | Dry Skin
moves: Mud Bomb, Focus Blast, Poison Jab, Venoshock

Quinn | Infernape | Male | Blaze
moves: Thunder Punch, Stone Edge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower

Xena | Sylveon | Female | Pixilate
moves: Hyper Voic, Misty Terrain, Moon Blast, Wish 
Dwyer | Xatu | Female | Synchronize
moves: Fly, Psyshock, Tailwind, Shadow Ball

Alistare | Dragonair | Male | Shed Skin
moves: Surf, Aqua Jet, Dragon Tail, Ice Beam

Oswin | Bisharp | Male | Defiant
moves: Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Protect
WIP. New App by NESart13
WIP. New App
in the process of filing out the new app for Neo-Island
and looking back at the old one, im really happy how far my arts come in the last year or so. welp.

Yumi (c) Me
Nostalgia by NESart13
Haven't drawn Izzy in so long, it felt nice to draw something close to my heart.

Izzy Drake, art (c) me 
PB: Yumi by NESart13
PB: Yumi
can i apply for veteran status? is this a thiiing!?

Trainer Info

Name: Yumi Sagee
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: April 23
Occupation: Specializes in Herbal Medicines. Also practices spiritual communication; psychic readings, tarot cards, etc.

Personality: Yumi's very soft spoken and easy-going.  Sometimes people are intimidated by her harsh looks 
and Ghost pokemon, but she's very sweet. Most of the time she'll keep to herself when in large crowds. 
Often times she'll seem distant or withdrawn, it's only because she's tired and has a very difficult time sleeping. 

History: Yumi was born and raised in Lavender Town, Kanto.  She's an only child, and the daughter of a well-off family. 
Her father is a Psychiatrist, but her mother died when she was young. After her last tournament, Yumi decided to travel and learn
about the different regions. 
A few years ago she came across the Verot region, having heard from the talks around towns, there were people she knew in the area.
She settled down in the Forest Biome, learning how to use certain herbs for medicinal purposes, and every day living.  Time passed and she
found her self settling in one place for the first time in awhile. Yumi can often be found in the outskirts of the Capitol, collecting many different flowers, plants,
and fungi for her research.  
Yumi's been known to be the go-to for anything supernatural, she assumes just because of the company she keeps.  She has been known to dabble in Psychic readings, 
and being a Medium. People say she's a hoax, but maybe a little help from her ghost pokemon, you might just hear from someone from beyond.

+ Ghost Pokemon
+ Night Time
- Loud things
-Water pokemon

Relationships (optional): n/a
Additional Notes: 1" size gauges in her ears. Togekiss feathers in her hair. Can't swim. She hardly ever sleeps, maybe getting 2-3 hours a night.

Battle Tactics: Will most likely use Boon in any battle. She is highly confidant he can take on any foe. Uses her surroundings well; would rather fight at dusk or during the night time.

Pokemon Info

Boon | Banette | Male | Insomnia

Level: 47

Type: Ghost
Destiny Bond 
Shadow Sneak 
Icy Wind

Personality: Aggressive, mean, and arrogant. His only soft spot is Yumi.
Short History: Boon's been with Yumi ever since she was a little girl. She found him in the playground after school one afternoon, he was lost and afraid. 
They've been inseparable ever since.
Flew | Drifloon | Female | Aftermath


Type: Ghost/Flying
Ominous Wind
Shadow Ball 

Personality: Shy, but friendly. She's always out of her pokeball when she can be. Loves floating about
Short History: A present from her mother, Flew was Yumi's 10th birthday present.
Judas | Honedge | Male | No Guard

Level: 34

Type: Steel/Ghost
Gyro Ball 
Shadow Claw 
Iron Defense 
Shadow Sneak 

Personality: Distant and rash. He doesn't really care for anyone, not even his own trainer. But he's very loyal to Yumi nonetheless.
Short History: Found on her journey into Verot. Judas was found blade first into a tree stump, Yumi believes an old trainer abandoned it and stuck him there so he 
wouldn't follow him.
RP Info:
I'd prefer either dA or Tumblr.

Commissions. Edit!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2013, 4:31 PM

Commission Info:
                 -Additional Character +$1

Example: Fearsome Freeze by NESart13
Chibi Sketch: For you.. by NESart13

:bulletpurple:Drawings/Sketches: $5
           -Simple Background +$2
           -Detailed BG
           -Additional Character +$1

Example. Shading/Simple BG: Yumi by NESart13
Shading/Additional Characters/Simple BG: After a battle. by NESart13          

Example Sketch: Vat sketch by NESart13

:bulletpurple:Pokemon: $5 (1 Character & 'mon)
           -OR Your Trainer and a full team $10
           - +$1/pokemon

example Full Team/Simple BG: Comm: FortaVerityAmity by NESart13
example Full Team/Detailed BG: Long Night by NESart13
Example: Let's Go by NESart13

:bulletred:Payment rules
Do not send money before you know i have accepted your commission!

- I take Paypal only
- Send money to
- INCLUDE your dA name in the paypal.

:bulletblue: How do I go about getting one?
First, send me a note.
State in your note what you want. (see above)
For Original characters, please include a reference sheet or clear screenshot.
For existing characters, please specify (For pokemon: Shiny, etc.) and include the anime/game/movie it's from.
I will confirm your offer and begin the sketch
When I have completed the sketch, I shall note you what I have done. (!!please don't hesitate to correct me or ask that I redo to your liking !!)
When you are satisfied with the sketch, I will finish your commission, and then you can send me amount to my Paypal.

:bulletblue:What are your limitations?
I wont draw porn/hentai/fetishes.

:bulletblue:Can I redistribute and sell copies/prints?

:bulletblue:There will be 5 slots open at first, please send me a note and I will add you to the list
1. Forta-Verity-Amity PAID. Finished.

my email:

And that's it!

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